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Choosing an Auto Repair Company

There are often two things that enter your mind when you find problems with your car. One, you want it done quickly, and two, you want someone who will not overcharge you. The second one is a bit more tricky.

So how can you find a car repair shop with excellent skills and is honest in dealing with customers?

Industry Experience

You may think this is obvious, but if a shop has been around for five decades, it doesn’t automatically mean that the same mechanic is doing the work. Contact local prospects and don’t hesitate to ask about the experience of their head mechanic or mechanics. The more experienced they are, the more likely they can find solutions to a whole variety of problems.


All business want to increase their profits, but this can be hard to do with a high employee turnover rate. Hiring new people means allocating resources anew for training. Head mechanics are usually tasked to provide the training.

If a shop is unable to accept its regular workload because some employees have quit or lead mechanics are focusing on their replacements, the business will have no recourse but to operate at a smaller margin. This is then compensated through rate increases, both for labor and for parts.


People today troop to the Internet to find almost everything they need, including trusted auto shops.
Indeed, online is the place to look when you’re looking for reviews on any particular company.

However, keep in mind that not all reviews you’ll find here are credible, especially if they’re published on a marketing website, which is likely maintained by the business itself.

Stick to established third-party consumer websites instead if you want to read authentic, high-quality reviews. And check with the Better Business Bureau for any consumer complaints or cases that the shop you’re considering may be or have been embroiled in.

Dealer or Local Shop?

Between a dealer garage and your usual car repair shop, there can be lots of differences. Your specific situation will determine which one is better for you.

If your problem for example is unique to your brand and model – let’s say you misplaced your smart key – then only a dealer that caters to your brand will make sense.

Certainly, it is reasonable to expect a higher charge, considering that they are specialists and are probably the only shop in your area that works on your particular problem.

On the other hand, if you want a shop that will provide regular maintenance to your car, or even if you need some heavy-duty work done, you should consider your local garage.

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